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Five Top Tips for New Astronomers

When you're getting started with astronomy you can get overwhelmed by the amount of information there is out there. We've come up with our five top tips for new astronomers so you can enjoy your new hobby as much as possible and get the best out of your new telescope.

Milky Way

Our tips are perfect for the new astronomer and you don't even need a telescope to get started. Get out and get observing today!

5 - Look at the Sky

Star trails over the ESO 3.6-metre telescope

You can look up at the sky anytime, you don't even need your telescope! So whenever you are outside take the time to look up and see what's there. You'll soon learn to start picking things out and spotting constellations and planets. Just take the time to look.

4 - Check Out the Moon

The Moon

It's easy to overlook the Moon as we all see it so often, but it's one of the most impressive and easiest to observe things in the sky. From watching it's phase and movement over the month to looking at it's craters through a telescope don't forget about the moon simply because it's familiar.

3 - Get a Map


Once you start getting into astronomy you'll start wanting to know what you are looking at. There's loads of ways you can learn to navigate the sky, from apps on your phone or computer to traditional star maps and planispheres. Whichever way you choose make sure you have some sort of guide. We list some of the best on our getting started page.

2 - Join an Astronomy Club/Society

Finding a local astronomy club can introduce you to loads of helpful people who will help you get started and explain anything you're not sure about. They will probably let you try out different types of telescope in case you haven't decided what to buy yet, and it's always nice to be able to talk about your hobby with other likeminded people. Often they will have access to bigger, near professional level telescopes, which will give you a completely different view of the sky.

First Light

To find a astronomical club or society near you, check out the AstroLeague in the US or the Federation of Astronomical Societies in the UK.

1 - Choose the Right Telescope

Once you've decided that astronomy is the hobby for you then you need to choose the right telescope. There's loads of things to think about, from price to portability to what you want to do. To help you choose the right telescope for you check out our guide to choosing a telescope.

So that's our top five tips for beginner astronomers. Astronomy is a rewarding hobby but it can seem overwhelming at first. Don't worry though, Beginners Telescope is here to help guide you on your way!

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