Beginners Telescope

Types of Telescope

Not sure what all the different types of telescope are? Confused by all the talk of dobsonians, newtonians, reflectors and refractors? Read our telescope guide here.

Choosing a Telescope »

Telescope Mounts

Want to know the difference between an equitorial mount and an alt-az mount? Not sure if you should have a motorised mount or a dobsonian? Read our mount guide here.

Telescope Mounts »

Astronomy for Beginners

Already got a telescope? Curious what you can do with one once you decide which telescope is for you? Read our beginners astronomy guide and start stargazing now!

Beginners Guide »

Five Top Tips for New Astronomers

When you're getting started with astronomy you can get overwhelmed by the amount of information there is out there. We've come up with our five top tips for new astronomers so you can enjoy your new hobby as much as possible and get the best out of your new telescope.

Telescope Eyepieces

Eyepieces are one of the parts of a telescope most frequently overlooked by beginners. Hopefully you got some with your telescope, but over time you might want to expand your selection, or at least understand best way to use the eyepieces you already have.

Beginner's Telescope Collimation Guide

Collimation is the name given to aligning the mirrors or lenses in a telescope so that they reflect/refract the light into the eyepiece at the correct angle. Of all the beginner's telescopes we recommend, the only ones that will really need collimating are the newtonian reflectors. Our guide shows you how to collimate your telescope quickly and easily.

What Can I Expect To See? Part 1

One of the biggest questions for anyone who is thinking about buying a telescope is what they'll be able to see. It's a good question, and one that isn't easy to answer.

Telescope Infographic

We've created this infographic to show some basic information about telescopes and how they work. It doesn't cover as much information as our beginners guide but we hope you enjoy it.

Recommended Beginners Telescope

Don't want to read all the guides? This scope would be our recommendation.

Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector

And if you're in the UK check out this telescope.

Skywatcher HERITAGE-130P Dobsonian Telescope

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